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September 1, 2011

Arguing with crazy people...

     Women are amazing. 
     They can start a fight with you about nothing and blame the entire thing on you and have you so confused by the end that you don't even remember what ya'll we're talking about.
      They win these made up fights all the time...
      First they stomp around, letting the baby cry and the phone ring huffing and puffing but when you ask whats wrong she always just says - "Nothing."
      She just keeps stomping and huffing and could do that for hours and everytime you ask whats wrong you get the same answer - "Nothing."
     This goes on until your mind starts unraveling like an onion and you start to lose your temper outta frustration next thing you know you're telling her she's crazy or god forbid dropping the "B" bomb and now you've suddenly lost the whole thing. 
      So now not only are you losing a fight about nothing but now you also started it.
     So now your losing an argument you didnt mean to start and you dont even know what your fighting about but that doesnt matter because even if you did know you couldnt win because you called her crazy which is now what your fighting about no matter what started it.  If you didn't follow what i said your a man and trust me none of us get it. 
     I have fell into this trap thousands of times.  Its really quite sad.

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