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March 13, 2012

Wicked comb-overs

     Guys who actually believe baldness can be hidden effectively by simply using a bad ass comb-over to hide their bald spot are not only incredibly delusional but also a free source of amusement to all.  Every single comb-over is ridiculous looking but each glorious one is also unique and original.   Each one amuses us all every time we see a grown man fighting reality and baldness by using the art of the comb-over to hide a huge bald spot.  These desperate delusional man clowns have forced themselves to believe that their comb-over is fooling everyone and thankfully parade their ridiculous selves around for our amusement. 
     The already comical look of the comb-over combined with the necessary level of denial required to go out in public rocking a sweet comb-over while honestly believing they look great is not only entertaining but fascinating as well..,

Every one of these sad sacks really believe that they are pulling off an illusion with their comb-overs.  Every one of them totally convinced that his comb-over looks great, sexy even.  Secure in the knowledge that all the ladies are going to be marinating as they fight for the chance to seduce and bed down this sexy man with such a full gorgeous head of hair who obviously also knows his way around a comb judging by how masterfully styled his hair is. 
     That's what makes the comb-over so great.  The men who wear these walking sources of amusement are the real heroes.  Their unfathomable level of delusional denial is what makes the comb-over so funny, entertaining, and magical for all of us who are blessed enough to see it.

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