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September 22, 2011

My little YouTube radio show - T.S.Y.S.

     Out of all the things I've begun since returning to comedy and writing this silly little show that started as kind of a dare has quickly become my favorite project.
     If you haven't checked it out its a little live radio-type show I do on YouTube co-hosted by my Wife Marvina. 
     She's the one who thought it up actually or at least inspired it and kind of dared me to do the first one and from then on I was hooked.  Its a ton of fun.
     I do all the male voices and host the show and Marvina handles the females and sits off camera because she's shy but helpful.  I just posted the 3rd instalment and plan to continue semi-wkly indefianatly.  I hope you'll swing by YankeyTV and check it out.  Here's the latest episode...

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