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June 21, 2012

LN News Team Delivers on vol2

     If y'all need a second to take all that news in for a bit, I brought just chill a sec, we can take our time and just soak in all that amazing news that was so creative and the words it was made from combined and used to report it of such a high level of hilarity undeniable brilliance so complete and pure that you could completly trust it was the best in comedy news ever.I loved vol2, it may have been the funniest news ever...With me today on the news wrap up show is...

Laughing News vol2 was #1 in comedy news on the L@L comedy network. The best, funniest, comedy news, with honestly too much news especially in vol2..,

     "Here with me today to discuss The new issue of Laughing News, the funny second volume of your new comedy news source vol2 is news fan Kyle McGluckin. Kyle, how did you feel about vol2?"
     "Well Shawn, I was not prepared for how hilarious and great their news was and nobody had prepared me for how much news to expect either.  But once I gpt used to how clever it qll was, and remembered it would always be there for me to read as little of or as much of, I felt more safe. I gotta say Ive never laughed at as much funny news. I though I owed at least $1.50 for having that much fun, but it was free though."
       "Kyle, Id have to agree. On the phone with us is vol2 and only L@L blog writer Shawn Yankey. 
       Shawn, what do you have to say about Laughing News vol2?"
     "Well Me, Ill tell you, I spent countless hours over a month preparing vol2 where as I only spent a few hours putting together vol1 and nobody's really looking at it. It kinda puts all the time and effort I put into these blogs seem as silly as my wife thinks it is"
      "Well Shawn, me and Kyle loved it."
      "I appreciate it Kyle but Im trying to blow up here. Food and Beer is expensive and my pockets are empty. I need to get large and sell an ad.  I got six kids you know I may have to get a real job.
      "Theres just no money in this funny."
       "Akward.., well me and Kyle loved it and apparently our register comic here at L@L think it blew up like he thought and may need to get a real job and put all this sillyness away but for now lets squeeze him dry and soak up the laughs while they laugh before his wife finally makes him grow up and be mature and stop being our dancing clown.
     Read vol2 of Laughing News and you'll love it just like me and Kyle!"

     This has been the wrap up update of our's and Your's brand new monthly comdy news letter Laughing News. Here's some links for other funny stuff from our brand new News Team LN news,

Click to read our hilarious news, Laughing News vol2



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