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January 7, 2012

Left never felt so right...

All the mind numbing excitement of watching brightly colored cars go around and around over and over for hours on end. 

You can almost feel the speed as the announcers describe it.  Using dozens of words like 'fast' and 'very fast' and the 4 syllable monster 'Accelereate' to portray the SPEED

The uncertainty and unpredictability of when you may nod off riding on each and every left hand turn. 

You see literally tens of colors and more than 11 words on nearly every car.

Nascar's on TV and it has almost has some of the thrills of an actual sport without all the talent, and excitement threatening to disturb your nap or draw your attention in any way.

With drivers you can cheer through every lap.  You've got your Earnhardt's, Waltrips, Three or four Billy Bob's and the cutest little fairy you ever saw decked out in the prettiest rainbow outfit and car on wheels that Pepsi has ever endorsed.

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