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September 29, 2011

Atheism has NO HOPE!

     Atheism, the religion for geniuses. 
     That's what its supposed to be right?  Isn't that what they they say?  Do they say that or do they just claim Christians are idiots?  Well, I wish I was smart enough to believe in nothing.  But I'm just not as smart as them.  And you know what...That's perfectly OK with me.
     They say us Christians are stupid, delusional, and downright crazy for believing in what they call...'An invisible man that lives in the sky'.  Because God knows that believing that all this just happened on its own isn't crazy at all.  Nope, That makes perfect sense. 
     There was a Big Bang and millions of events lined up perfectly all on their own and formed everything you see and that's not all, at least one planet in all that random chaos just happened to turn out perfectly suited for life.  Wait, it gets better, because on that planet life just formed accidentally and all on its own.  Then it just evolved from microscopic organisms into all of the species of life that we have on the earth today including us Humans, who evolved from monkeys believe it or not. 
     Yeah...monkey's, but apparently some monkeys decided to stay behind in monkey town which is why you can still  see them at the Zoo today.  You know monkeys, always the showmen.
     Yeah, your right Atheists, that makes way more sense.
     I just can't wrap my tiny little mind around it though because I guess I'm just too darn stupid to understand why me believing in God is so  ridiculous but believing that millions of random occurrences fell directly into place all on their own makes perfect sense. 
     Or maybe I have trouble with it because believing that is even more ridiculous than our  supposedly crazy belief in God.
     They also really like to point out that we Christians have no solid proof that there is a God.  We can't show them God in the flesh but you wanna know what I found out?  I found out that Atheists have just as much solid proof that there is no God as we Christians do that there is and they are such genius's that they manage to use that lack of proof as their proof.  Dammit, now I'm confused.  It's enough to make someone like me of lesser intelligence say 'Huh?'. 
     But Atheists, unlike us Christians with our silly hope and faith,  have nothing of meaning.  Their lives are meaningless and they have no faith or hope of anything except returning to the Earth to feed the worms and bugs below the surface.  And be part of the 'circle of life'. 
     Yeah.  I definitely understand the appeal of that.  That makes total sense. 

     Only problem for me with that is, I can feel God. 
     I know he's there and I know he's real.  I've talked to him.  He's touched my life in too many ways to count.  I can read his word and feel his presence or just simply talk to him and know he's listening and I'm not hokey at all I as realist and pessimistic as they come but I know it's legit and he's proved it to me over and over again.  It's something we can feel and if they would let him in their hearts they could feel it too.
     What does an Atheist feel?  Definitely not hope.  What hope is there when your life has no meaning or purpose?  I'm thinking they feel alot of self-importance and not much else, but I'm just guessing and I'm glad of that because without hope and purpose why do anything?  Why wake up and even get out of bed?  Why not just jump in front of a bus right now?  Whats the point of anything when you believe in nothing?
     Also why would it even bother them that we believe in God?  It doesn't hurt them in any way or even effect them.  So why do they feel the need to come out against us Christians?
     I think it is their fear that maybe,  just maybe, we're right.  If they were so sure were all just moronic fools why even bother with us at all?  You'd think incredibly smart people could find better use of their time but the fear thing makes alot of sense.  I can even see how it would be a scary thought that we could be right because even though God is love he also has a bad temper, just check out the Old Testament.

      So look Atheists, you claim to be so smart just look at the points I've made here and think about changing your lives.  I hope you do, really I do, but if not just leave us Christians alone to believe what we want.  Our beliefs aren't hurting you, you just want to crush other people's hope to feel better about yourself.  Well that may work on the feeble minded but any true Christian that has felt God's presence won't be swayed by your "theory's".  Plus Hell will be swarming with your friends so your gonna like it there.  You probably wouldn't know anyone in Heaven anyway.

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  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    damn you retarded, not one of your arguments just stand still xd