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August 23, 2011

Lil Leauge Football

     Three of my son's play little league football.  I love it.  They also belong to a fabulous little league program so that might be why but I really do love it.  I love to watch practices and games and to listen to the kids talk about it.  Its great.
     I only wish I would've volunteered to coach one of their teams.  I think it would be really cool to lead a group of kids in that league.  At least my kids coaches make it look like it's awesome. 
     I am so into it.  My oldest's team won the championship last year and my younger two are in their first year.  Logan I think is a lineman, Zach is kind of a floater on defense from DT to DE but he's doing great.  Both of them are.  Holden, my oldest, is still a starting tight end for the third year.
     I am probably Warrenton Little Leagues biggest fan.  They run that organization so wonderfully and it makes it an experience with your child.  You follow their teams, you know the player's names and who all the star athlete kids are on each team.  You get really involved in it.   I even have a helmet sticker with their numbers on my car and I have strong beliefs against stickers on cars.  I am even the parent wearing a matching jersey to the game.  My whole family has alot of fun with it.

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