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August 24, 2011

My Ex-Wife's Lawyer

     I didn't like my Ex-Wife's lawyer and the fat bastard didn't like me.  But as the divorce progressed he at least began to agree she was nutty.  By the end when he lied to her that court was cancelled because my lawyer was on vacation when really he just didn't want her unstable ass there.  That day he was downright cordial.
     On the day I saw him about a month later at the hearing where I tried, and was denied, a restraining order for her he looked at me with honest empathy.  I felt it.
     It was like that scene in Rocky 4 after the big fight when Rock is giving his speech about how him and Drago came together as well as Russia and America.  It was just like that.  Me and that ol'bastard connected that day.  We shared a moment.

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