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September 20, 2011

Thats Just Tacky

     Why does anyone think a Mullet looks good?  Don't get me wrong I appreciate a good mullet but to laugh at and point and post to the web but I'd never have one.  Hows that saying about Mullets go?  Something like - "Party in the back, loser in the front" right? 
     And some hicks even give their kids Mullets.  Stop that right now!  That's child abuse.   
     Mullets are very tacky.  Hilarious or not.

     Another pet peeve of mine is badly placed tattoos and piercings on girls.  Stop that ladies.  Why mess with perfection?  Scribbling on the artwork that is the female form is like putting a bumper sticker on a Porche. 
     It doesn't add it takes away.

     Speaking of bumper stickers I don't like them either but the worst are the ones that try to be offensive and funny but are really just tacky.  Like the one pictured here.  That bugs me to death.  I hate being forced to look at someone else's idea of funny in traffic when they are mostly just offensive or stupid.
     I actually have never seen a bumper sticker and thought, damn that's a good looking bumper sticker.  
    Bumper stickers are also very tacky.

     Maybe the worst though is fat people in skin tight clothes.  Talk about gross. 
     I just have one question...why?  You know your fat so why are you wearing that?  For that matter why is that company even making Lycra clothes in that size?  That crap is beyond tacky and should be outlawed.  I mean come on lady kids come to Wal-Mart this isn't the parking lot of a truck stop.  It looks like a wet bag of cottage cheese only super-sized.
     Let's stop being jerks and take other peoples eyes into consideration what do you say.  Knock it off!

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