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March 19, 2012

Dog the Bounty Hunter

     How can you not love Dog the Bounty Hunter?  Its fantastically magical.  It used to be my favorite 'white trash in trouble' show was COPS but Dog destroy's COPS magic formula by turning it inside out and multiplying the pure joy of watching white trash getting busted because on DOG the white trash are also the hunters.  That's right twice the white trash!  Dog the Bounty Hunter is truly a very special show.

     Duane "Dog" Chapman and his glorious mullet lead the cast of charachters which include his comically huge breasted large bellied wife Beth, who's attempts at dressing sexy are as visually arresting and comical as Dog's beautiful mullet, also you have Baby Lyssa, Dog's young daughter, his two sons, Leland and Duane Lee, and Dog's 'Brother' Tim.  Together they make up the most histarically white trash crime fighting team ever formed.  It's watching these hoosiers chase criminals with their cell phones, high powered flashlights, air rifles, and bear mase that you will find the most captivating.  The criminals come in a distant second to Dog and his teams 'white trash crime fighting team' dynamic.
     The backstorys of the team are fascinating as well..,

Duane "Dog" Chapman's criminal life ended when he was on a drug deal in 1976 with a fellow gang member.   While he waited in the car his partner killed the drug dealer which got Dog sentenced with first degree murder.  For his role he served 18 months in prison.  While he was locked up his then wife LaFonda divorced him and married his best friend.  Dog was inspired to become a bounty hunter by an incident in prison where he tackled an inmate who was attempting to escape before the guards could shoot him and it was also inticing that being a bounty hunter was a job that required no real training and one that would let him rock out his fantastic mullet.  Dog has been married five times and has twelve children.
     Many things have threatened to end this great shows run along their 8 seasons and 230 hilarious episodes.  In November of 2007 Dog's son Tucker sold a tape of a phone call with his father to the National Inquirer where Dog repeatedly used the king of all racial slurs to describe his sons black girlfriend.  A&E being the class act network that they are immidiatly slapped Dog's wrist and put his show on hiatus for a whopping 4 months in punishment.  And in season 7 Dog was allegedly shot while trying to capture a fugitive.  However since Dog, his son Leland, and the bail bondsman they were working for, Bobby Brown all had different stories and Dog couldn't provide the film of the incident that his crew allegedly shot all charges were dropped against the fugitive who is currently suing Dog.
     As you can clearly see life isn't easy with such a great mullet but thankfully Dog has pushed on so I can continue to get new episodes of this hilarious show.  Keep rocking that mullet Dog and handing out your own brand of white trash justice, advice, free cigarettes and rides to jail.  Beth, you keep squeezing those ridiculously huge cans in tiny lacy and bedazzeled tops for all of our amusement.  Baby Lyssa you keep 'The Joker's' legend alive with your tribute to his mouth.  Stay trashy Leland, Duane Lee and Tim while you watch that grand old mullet's back because we need all of you guys at Dog the Bounty Hunter to bring your white trash hilarity into our living rooms episode after episode.
     Long live the Dog!

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