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September 23, 2011

Girthy Gunslingers

                 Not all cops are fat.  Just the funny ones.  The fatties are my favorite of all the boys in blue.  I mean is there anything better than watching a fat cop bulging out of his uniform shirt, utility belt holding on for dear life, eating a donut? 
     Plus I like the idea of a cop I could outrun.  Makes me feel better.  Not that I'm gonna run or even have a reason to but if I did I like the ones I know would be doubled over holding their knees ready to vomit up there Denny's Grand Slam breakfast after ten steps.  Like on the show COPS when there chasing a criminal and the camera man is running circles around the cops.
     Fat cops kick all the ass.  I love me some fat cops.  Every time I see one I instantly smile inside.  I hate it when I see a thin cop because the in-shape ones are boring.  Gimme a fat one any day. 
     I want em so big their cruiser looks like a low rider when they cram themselves behind the wheel.  So eat up you tubby gunslingers.  I don't care what anyone says, y'all look great!

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