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August 22, 2011

Fat cheating whore!

     I had heard that people hooked up on the internet but I thought those people were the ones who wore pocket protectors and looked like they raided the wardrobe dept from the set of "Revenge of the Nerds" for their outfits.   But nope it turns out its also normal for fat housewives from the midwest like my ex wife.   
     My first wife met and had affairs with two different guys off of the internet so I know firsthand it happens.  Honestly, this blows me away.  I cannot believe guys are actually getting laid like this.  If you dont know why im amazed you've never been a girl online or watched one play an online game.
     Guys are pathetic horn-dogs to begin with but online without inhibitions or fear of rejection they are rabid sleezebags with NO shame and they swarm every female player on screen while constantly heckiling about the avatars breasts or attributes and using their best game on the girlys all at the same time talking over each other to toss their lame come ons.
     Fkn works though. I've seen it. Amazing.
     So yes my first wife met two guys, on my own Playstation 3 no less, using the PSN service Home.  If you haven't seen Home its like the game The Sims but the people texting and talking are real.  Two guys successfully nailed my wife through this service.  What are the odds on that? 
     Is it a fluke that just my wife fkd two guy's from this service or do alot of hook-ups start there?  If it's not just her that's phenomenal because it's being delivered through a damn video game system.  I bought that thing to play Resident Evil not increase her availability.  But a video game system with a user service that creates hook-up's and get's u laid quite frankly from a marketing standpoint is golden and they haven't even tapped it yet.  Think about that.

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  1. What a tramp!! People r sick. They dont value marriage anymore.

  2. What a tramp!! People r sick. They dont value marriage anymore.