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August 22, 2011

True Romance

My favorite movie of all time is a lil ensemble flick written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott called "True Romance".  It is the story of a young couple madly in love trying to sell a suitcase full of cocaine to finance their future together in Cancun. This film has everything except a boring scene.  There is never a dull line of dialogue or a bad performance or weak moment.  Just wall to wall great writing, acting and action.
Clarence Whorely is an ecentric underachiever working in a comic book store.  While at the theater watching his birthday movie, a tripple feature kung fu flick, a pretty blonde named Alabama spills popcorn all over and meets Clarance sitting with him to watch the movies.  After the karate flix they go for pie and to clarences work and finally to Clarences apartment where they make love.
Clarence wakes up to find Alabama gone from the bed. Noticing the window onto the balcony was open Clarence bundled with a blanket and went out the window to find Alabama crying under a Jeep billboard.
Deciding they are in love they elope to the courthouse where they get married.  After the courthouse wedding they get matching angel tattoos.  Its while getting tattooed that Alabama mentions Drexl, her former pimp.
Elvis advises Clarance on how to handle Alabama's former pimp so he asks her to write her former address on an old magazine and heads to Drexl's.
After negotiating with Drexl about Alabama Clarance aquires a suitcase of uncut cocaine mistaking it for his wifes belongings.  They decide to sell the cocaine to finance their life together.
This is only the first twenty mins or so of this movie.  It is full speed like that all the way through with riveting performances by James Gandolfini, Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, Tom Sizemore Tony Scott even gets a helluva performance outta Bronson Pinchott.  My point being this movie is the best movie i've ever seen and by that I mean in terms of pacing, writing, acting and directing.  Every piece is perfect and compliments the others painting lives of charachters that you care deeply for and showing love you can actually feel.  To be completly cleashe and totally lame this film is a home-fkn-run.
Honestly, and im saying this as a huge Tarantino fan, I believe this movie is his best and most pure work.  this film is alive. it breathes. I love this movie.

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