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August 25, 2011

What i'm best at.

     I am awful at many things.  Good at some, better at others but I believe only great at one.  I love being a Dad and I think I have a talent for it. 
     I love my kids.  They are my world so its very easy to be good at your job when you love it.  I only wish I could make money like I love those kids.  Not very good at being driven but from the moment I first saw each one of those kids  total unconditional love.  Its amazing
     People don't like to hear people gushing about their children and I'm not, I'm just saying I love being a Dad.  They may be Lil pains in the asses to everyone else but I love those guys and all they do.  Every quirk.  I love hanging with them and talking or playing or watching them play.
     Life really is wild.  I would change so many things except being a Father.  I don't regret that at all. I really pride myself on making sure my kids feel loved and wanted by me.  I love making them happy.  It drives me to support them in all they do and mold them.  I wouldn't even be able to comprehend someone who wouldn't do anything for their child.
     One day I'm gonna fall apart no matter how pretty I am now and when that day comes one of these 6 guys is taking care of me and i want them to like me when that day comes.  I watch 60 Minutes.

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