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August 25, 2011

Simple things I want but don't have...

     I want an English Bulldog in the worst way.  I always have since I first saw one.  I already have her name picked out and once I have the money to go with it I'm gonna go get her. 
     "I'm coming Alabama!"
     I want a house.  Something much closer to work.  Something central with at least four bedrooms two baths and a finished basement for the kids.  Something with a nice backyard big enough to play flag football in and an in ground pool.
     "Want in one hand..."
     I want a new car.  Nothing fancy just new, good gas mileage and big enough to transport at least three kids.  Something I'm sure wont leave me stranded on the side of the road.  Something reliable.
     I want a time machine so I could go back to about the 6th grade and royally kick my own ass for not applying myself in school and acquiring skills to make me more valuable to get the job to make the money to get those things.
     But no, I thought I was a genius.  Oh, I had it all figured out. 
...Id love to kick my ass.
     "Bring on the time machine!"

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