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February 18, 2012

Hold on, I'm just a little tied up right now.

          I never did understand bondage as a fetish.  I can see that this picture is sexy but I want her to have use of her hands. 
     Hands are just so great and girls hands are the best.  So soft and silky and if the nails are done right, OMG, is that fantastic running down the old back?  So I want her hands free to explore.  You never know what they'll find and I say let em roam free and find out.
      Now I wouldn't mind being tied up but i think thats less of a sex thing and more of a lazy thing.  I'd eventually want my hands free though too lazy or not.  There is just too much going on during sex to take your hands completly out of the game.  I want all twenty digits in that bedroom working overtime.  I dont want anything stopping me. 
     I even put all of our clothes in a different room, just because once I have tricked her into getting naked and wrastlin' I don't need those damn clothes getting back between me and skin so why in the hell would I want rope stopping me? 
     I don't see a reason.  Maybe to look at but it's just not practical.  Its not even that hot really.  The only accesory I wanna see on a naked woman is jewlery and maybe some clear stripper heels with a come-hither smile.
     I don't judge though so don't take it that way, its just my opinion.  If you like that, fine but I just do not get it is all. 
     I don't understand taking any part of my girl outta the game right in the middle of the play-offs but like I said, thats just me.
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