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February 13, 2012

"Hello? Anybody there?"

     I think this is just a really cool poster.  I have always thought it was but its also inaccurate because for me it's more like I have to believe.  That's right, I'm loopy.  I believe in Aliens, and I'm not talking about the fence climbing green thumbed salsa variety.  I'm talking about space ships and little green men.  The whole crazy ass nine yards.
     I feel like it's downright naive and arrogant not to mention illogical to think that in all the great vastness of space we are simply  all there is and all the rest of the universe is just lights in the sky. 
     It is only logical that we are not alone.  The law of averages alone makes it ridiculously improbable that humanity is all there is.  So yes, I honestly believe in intelligent life other than that on earth. 
     Then again I also believed in Santa till yesterday and I still swear I saw the Easter Bunny when I was 7 looking through my front window.  He was pink.  He walked like a man carried a big basket and was at least 6ft tall...Wait, was his zipper down?  OK, maybe that was a pervert in a bunny suit but then just try to explain away the Tooth Fairy.
     So yes, I'm crazy.  I'll give you that but hear me out.  I don't believe they are little green men.  Hell I don't think they are even really all that interested in us.  And I absolutely think if they have mastered interstellar travel they have better things to do than probe the asses of the Midwest's dumbest hicks.  But I do believe they exist and would even be willing to accept that they visit this planet.
     Why not?  Why is that even crazy?  Its not even blasphemous because who's to say we are God's only project?  A lot went on before us and will after we are gone.  We need to get over ourselves seriously.  We really ain't all that damn cool.
     Bottom line is it is far less logical to believe that in all the vastness of space that we are all that exists than to open our minds up to the probability that there is much more out there than we will ever know.

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