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October 30, 2011

Curtains up!


     The constant female pursuit of their precious life source, drama is never ending.  Wheather real or manufactured they have to have it reguarly to survive. 

     Girls love their drama.  Everything's gotta be a production.  Any emotion felt strongly enough and "Ready on the set!" the curtains swing wide open to present the star of the saddest production to hit your house since the last one ended ten minutes ago.
     Ready or not its, Lights, camera, tears, and absolutely zero action.  So strap in, grab your aspirin, and turn off the damn football game because the show has begun.

     It's not all bad.  I'm not gonna lie, the make up sex is really great.  You can't beat it, but getting to the make up sex can make your head split in two.  Especially since none of it made any sense at all to you aside from her just being female and having no control over her irrational emotions. 
     In a really good display of estrogen production  it is impossible as a man to decipher whats actually going on anyway.  I usually don't even really find out what happened till days or even weeks later if I ever even find out at all.

     You gotta love 'em though don't you?  I think so.  I know I do.  They're just so damn cute when their not acting crazy.  They, and don't tell them this, but they're even sexy when they're acting psychotic.

     Plus they have vagina's and one of those can get someone to put up with a hell of alot.  Especially if that someone has a penis and is named Shawn.  I will put up with anything for even a remote shot at vagina.

     So let 'em have their drama.  Learn to put up with it for 'gina's sake.  Your Petie will thank you.

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