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August 23, 2011


     I have a Facebook account.
     I didn't set it up but I do use it.  I never post anything except pictures but I do go on it all the time usually to look at friends pics or play poker.  I do this but I have no idea why.
     I use this service, free nonetheless, daily and couldnt tell you why.  Because I don't know.
     I even thought, not maliciously, but intently for a week or so about deleting it simply for being useless but in the end didn't and I couldnt tell you why on that one either.
     Not understanding the hold this service has over myself and the American people terrifies me.  It cannot be explained as easy as a simple human need just turns out to be needing to look through pics of friends while listening to constant updates on what they are doing and oh viewing the pics of them doing that shit too.
     Or maybe that is true.  Maybe it is just that simple. It kinda makes sense to some degree.  I always looked through my Grandma's photo albums when I was with her or anyones photo album for that matter.  The checkout lanes at every store are lined with magazines.  Every phone has a camera.  People love pictures.
And people hate people everyone knows that look at Detroit.
     So that's gotta be it.  It turns out people wanna see people, text people and stay updated on those people lives just not be around any people.

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