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September 22, 2011

You owe me a wall you rude bastard.

     As a child Kool-Aid was my drink.  Not by choice, my only choices in the matter were what flavor we made that day. 
     I must have consumed enough Kool-Aid to fill a pool.  I will not even touch the stuff as an adult.  I can't stand it.  Just the sight of it makes me gag.  I hate it but, I do however, give it to my kids just like my Dad did me.
     Hey a tradition's a tradition.  I paid my dues now it's their turn.  They're actually lucky I don't try to pass off Flavor-Aide instead like my Dad used to do to me.  Thats some messed up, cheap a$$ sh*t. 
     It's like Cheez-its compared to Cheese Nips, there is actually a pretty big damn difference Pop's so splurge the extra ten cents a bag.  I'm your son dammit.
     But yeah I'm a jerk too just like my Pop's.  I have soda and the young-uns rock the Aid.  Hey, its cheap and kids are too damn thirsty all the time to be giving them my Coke's. 
     When they have kids they'll do it to them too.  Its the circle of life.

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