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September 22, 2011

A moment of silence.

     I love silence.  I get me some silence and I friggin' cherish it.  To just sit in the stillness and relax and just soak up the peace and quiet is heaven.  Probably because I hardly ever hear that beautiful sound.  You see, I am married with six kids.   
     Silence is like sex in that situation except even more rare than that because I can get sex with my wife when we can sneak it but silence is something even she can't give me. 
     Like children women have got to talk its in their genetics.  I think they must feel that if no ones talking time will split and fall in on itself or something.  It may even be because they are smarter than us guys.  We can turn off our feeble little minds but theirs seems to have a tighter off switch.  Plus she talks to six screaming kids all day and craves adult conversation when I get home.  She attacks me like a crack-head with a rock attacks his pipe when I walk through that door. 
     I don't blame her though those kids are vicious and relentlessEvery Monday I can't wait to go to work so I can't imagine doing what she does every day.  The least I can do is lend her my ear.  I can get silence when everyone is sleeping.  Sleep is overrated anyway.

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