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December 30, 2011

You've decided to do what?!?

     You want to get married?  Come here, lemme tell you what I think about that... 

My advice is simple...Don't.

     Stall.  Lie.  Misdirect.  Fake amnesia to get out of it and still keep her because I feel you brother she's awesome.  I know you love her.  Hell, I love her too.  I agree with you, she's great.  And she'll stay great forever,  as long as you don't marry her.
     Marriage is the worst thing to happen to relationships since Oprah.  Something happens when you combine the two rings on her finger.  It brings out the demon.  If you watch closely for it you can actually see the red glimmer in her eyes when the two rings touch. 

     You see girls are so great because they each have a demon hiding way down deep inside of them and they hafto find it a soul to eat.  When you marry them that demon is set free.  And be careful because the prettier and sweeter the girl, the more viscious the demon.

     After my marriage I feel its my duty to inform as many guys as I can of what I witnessed.  My soul just yells out to them "Hey, don't go in there!  That building is structurally unsound.  It's comin down.  Get outta there kid!".

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