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December 23, 2011

Droppin' the "F" Bomb

     My favorite word in the English language is not only one of the most versatile words in our entire vocabulary but it's also probably one of the words that are considered to be the worst ones to use.
    My favorite word is the little four letter masterpiece of a word that can be used in more ways than I can count to express so many more things than any other word that I know of. 
     The word that I truly love to use the most would have to be "Fk".
     I assume we all know when I say that I'm referring to the dirtier word for sex.  I only use the shortened "fk" version of the word in my writing as kind of a compromise I made to myself.  You see I wanted to be able to use it when I feel it's the word that feels like the most appropriate one to use but I also realize that not everyone loves it as much as I do.  So, while I do really try to tone down my language quite a bit in my writing, there is just absolutely no way at all that I'd ever be able to just take that gem completely out of my vocabulary.  There is simply just no fkn way I ever could.
     It's just so fkn useful.  You tell me what sounds better..."Darn I lost my friggin' keys" or "Dammit, I can't find my fkn keys?  I think it's pretty clear that it's the 2nd choice.  The word fk just has so much more balls to it.  Its just so strong and manly.
     Speaking of darn, I hate ALL fake cuss words.  they are just so damn stupid.  Every one knows when you say "friggin" you mean "fk" so just go ahead and say what you mean.  Whenever I hear a fake cuss word I just want to kick the person using it as hard as I can in their balls. 
     The only reason that I don't is that if I did it would just turn out that they didn't even have any.  And I fkn hate to waste a second of my precious time.

    Fk, I'm really cussing a lot.  I guess it's because I've been holding back for so long that it feels really good to sit back, relax, just say fk it and let loose a little bit.
    By the way, speaking of feeling good, have any of y'all tried Wendy's new cheese burgers?  Those fkn burgers are pretty damn good! 

    Shit, is that clock right?  Dammit, I can't believe I forgot to take her fkn pot roast out of the oven!  I was supposed to take it out two hours ago.  It's gonna be ruined and she is going to be SO fkn pissed off I just know it.
     Well, I gotta go y'all 'cuz I'm in pretty deep sh*t right about now because her parents are coming over for dinner tonight.  I hate when they come over because her fkn Dad hates me and I don't really think her Mom gives a flying fk.

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