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September 12, 2011

Being white is hard

     I'm white.  Always have been and people always say its so easy.  It wasn't and isn't easy for me.  My race doesn't have the most pleasant back story.  If you have a conscience the white mans history is down right humiliating.  We are definitely right up there in the scheme of a-hole races.  If the white race was a team you wouldn't wear the jersey in public is what I'm saying.  I am not all that proud of my race.
     It was also hard growing up white.  I was bussed to a inner city school and it was hell.  I had one math teacher and every year he showed the movie "Roots". 
     All 12 parts of it and being the only white kid in the room I gotta tell you that was awkward.  Not to mention unnecessary he was a damn math teacher and as important as that film is I don't remember Kunta ever cracking open an algebra book.  Then again it was an inner city school so we hardly ever cracked one open either.
     Needless to say I got beat up alot and it sucked because it was because of my race and I don't support the sadistic things my race has done.  Not one bit.  but did that stop me from getting beat down because of it?  Hell no.  I dreaded class breaks.  The bell was like a fight ring bell.  I'd try to run to the next class but Ive always been heavy and not much of a runner so that hardly ever worked.
     I don't hate my race that's not what I'm saying its just that I'm ashamed of alot of our history.  If I could go back in time I'd punch through the face of every slave owner and turn the pilgrims thanksgiving table over and punch all them right in their goofy faces too.  I'm comfortable in my skin we just suck. 
     Damn the man!

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