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January 24, 2012

Just Beat It

      I liked Micheal Jackson's music.  It was hard not to.  I mean come on, 'Thriller'.  The man wrote some really catchy songs.  He was very talented of that I don't think there is any doubt.  But I'm afraid that catchy songwriter is where my admiration for that "man" stops.  Calling him weird just doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.  Weird couldn't contain Micheal.  But, I gotta say one thing for him and that is he at least had one shining moment of clarity and wisdom.  I think he was really onto something with that 'Beat It' song.  His soul was trying to teach us all something with that song that I don't think Micheal even fully understood because from the music video it seemed like he thought that song was about fighting.
     Well my theory is that it was about a form of fighting but not gang fighting in glitter jackets like in the video but more of a private solo battle.  A single player game where you always win.  More of a one man sword fight if you will.  One on one all the way to the hoop. 
     That song may very well have been the song in which Mike finally realized he didn't want anything at all to do with girls outside of maybe looking like one.  I think he knew about the demon that lives inside every girl that waits to devour men's souls. 
     Mike tried to tell us all how to get by without women but it was just a lesson real men would never learn because Micheal was special he simply said NO to the vagina.  And he held to it.  And that is just Something I could never ever do. 
     He may have been right to dodge the vaginal trap and just "Beat It" and good for him.  I could give up a lot of things if I had to but vagina has a pretty firm hold one me I just wouldn't want to live without it.  There's a reason that trap is so effective.  It uses only premium bait.
     But none of that for Mike he just wanted to Beat It.  And Beat It he did.  He Beat It a little to well.  He Beat the damn nose right off his face and all the black off his lily white ass in the process. 
    And in the end I think beating it tied directly into him doing all that fk'd up stuff to himself.  He didn't have that woman there to tell him NO. 
     We wiener slinger's need that female there to think for us.  Just look what happens without it.  Micheal just had way too much freedom and free time for a rich crazy bastard.  There was no one there to stop him so he just Beat It. 

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