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September 29, 2011

Just a man

     News Flash Society -Tiger Woods is not the only man that loves sex and women.  It comes standard with most penises.  Any straight man given Tigers options could fall prey to our genitals just like he did.  Our penis owns us ladies.  I'm sorry but its a fact.  We are nothing but it's slave. 
     Why else do you think we are also yours?

     So just let the man play golf already.  Why is everyone, besides his wife and family of course, so mad anyway?  Is it because he proved he was actually just human after all. 
     Society is disgusting in its hypocrisy. 

     Desire and temptation is a weight on the back of every human being walking the planet including gifted athletes.  Maybe if people didn't idolize celebrities it wouldn't come as such a shock to find out they are just like everyone else when they tumble from the pedestals they should never have been placed upon.  It's fine to enjoy watching someone with true talent do what they do best but keep it in perspective is all i'm saying.  They do amazing things yes but they themselves are only Human.

     So I say grip it and rip it Tiger.  Damn the man!

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