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September 24, 2011


Sport's designed for out of shape "athlete's"

     Bowling, Golf, and basically any "sport" that you can be fat and still play at the same level as everyone else if not better than them are fantastic and it's even sweeter that our society actually accepts these games as true sports and the players as real athletes.  That to me is amazing.  I for one score this little phenomenon as a huge victory for the fat.

     It's nice to have competitive events in which the fat guy cannot so easily be counted out.  Where the fatty could quite possibly even whip a little ass.  We chubby folks don't have a whole lot of bigger athletes to look up to.  I woulda liked a poster of a kick-ass chubby bowler celebrating after winning a big tourney.  Mighta helped me deal with the whole "husky" pants thing as a kid.

     I love seeing fat people kick a little thin ass.  Those healthy people are just so damn arrogant.  It's fun to watch them get knocked down a peg or three.  So go get those thinny's my big athletes.  Whip them bad. 

     Who cares if your sport doesn't involve running?  You still kick ass!

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