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September 24, 2011

Get Mad!

     Stop accepting everything and get pissed already.  I've been mad for years so what are you waiting for?  hell, theres less to be happy about about than mad so wipe that smile off your face or explain to me what the hell is so great.  Although, maybe I just need a hug.

     I waste far to much time being upset about silly little things.  I'm always pissed off about something.  Its exausting really.  It's just that so much in life is downright disgusting that I don't know how I manage to wake up without having an anurism.  I wish I could just be numb like the rest of the sheep but I have absolutly no idea how they pull that trick off.

     I wanna be happy too.  I want to ignore everything and just smile and pretend its all ok.  I want to but I just cant.  Theres just so much to be upset about.

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