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December 11, 2011

Time Bomb

That's it! I'm done.

I've had it! It's fkn on now.

      I'm sorry, but I didn't start it, I'm just finishing it.  It's been going on for too long and it stops now.  Or rather just as soon as I narrow down exactly what it is I'm mad about into something a little more manageable than just everything
     I can't just end everything now can I?  Well, not alone anyway.  Even if I started off strong pretty soon I'd get tired or hungry and once I stop busting asses to rest and eat I'll either cool back off or more likely get sidetracked.  I'm easily distracted.  So I'm gonna have to narrow down my list of who's getting it before I explode.  Focus it in a little more you know.  Focus my rage onto just one annoyance at a time. 
     So I have some thinking to do but trust me as soon as I finally do pick something from the MANY things I want to end I'm going after it viciously.  I'm gonna rain down pain and destruction on whatever it is because I'm sick of just hanging back and getting poked and prodded with sticks all day through the bars of my cage.  Someone forgot to lock my cage door and now they are gonna pay. 
     Just as soon as I figure out who they are.

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