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August 27, 2011


     Something thats been bugging me alot is why do people watch wrestling?
     I don't mean kids, I believe its ok to watch wrestling till your 12.
     I'm talking about adults.
     Grown ass men walking around with pictures of other grown ass men on their T-shirt and watching sweaty buff men roll around on TV for two hours every Monday night.
     Im not a homophobe.  If thats what makes you happy do it but these guys aren't open homosexuals they're closeted rageaholic asses or that just might be the ones at the bar by my house.  Those particular hicks may not represent the group as a whole.  So its not about not liking gays its about these guys facing the denial and accepting that there is definatly something gay about this behavior. 
     I mean, what else would even be the draw?  Come on, it's a fake fight.  I can see when people didnt know that, like my grandpa who swore it was real even after they admitted it wasn't, but everyone knows its scripted.  The wrestlers are great athletes but mostly they are famous stuntmen.  They know how to take and fake a hit and how to fall.  Thats it.
     So think about it.  If your a fan of a show past puberty that features scantily clad men running around all sweaty and oiled-up, rolling around together on a mat your probably at least a teeny bit gay.
And thats not only ok but it's also true.

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