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September 15, 2011

I get paid when?!?

      I get paid every two weeks and I hate it.  I realize the company does this to save a few bucks but it is extremely inconvenient.  Maybe if I made more money it wouldn't be so bad but my check doesn't spread out over two weeks.  I'm always broke by the start of the second week.
     That's when things get interesting and every poor person knows what I mean. 
     You gotta get creative.  Creative with everything.  You gotta start drifting behind semi's to save on gas, invent dinners out of the scraps in your cabinets, hit the pawn shops, and maybe even do some creative writing on checks. 
     I am definitely familiar with inventing dinners.  I even took it one step further.  I make appetizers. 
    The best one is take Bologna spread mustard on it or Grey Poupon if your feelin' fancy, roll it up and cut it into 1-inch pieces, poke some toothpicks in it and shabam you've got white trash sushi.
     I want to see the statistics this decision was made on and also punch the first CEO to implement it right in the face and use my Bologna knife to slash the tires on his Lexus.
     It's just so greedy. 
     To save a few bucks you make already struggling people struggle even more?  But then again that's the American way.  Eat the weak.
     Well this is what I say on the subject - all you greedy corporations enjoy your savings per employee and us employees will continue to deliver the half ass performance you've been getting for screwing us.
     Passive aggressive.  Maybe but you know what they say.   You get what you pay for.

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