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February 29, 2012

Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game.

     I love being hated on because it means I must be doing something right.  Everyone loves you when you fail but when you win the Haters all  come out, and they come out in droves.

     I say good.  I welcome the hate.  It helps me gauge how well I'm doing by how much hate I get.  When people warm up to me is when I get nervous.  Hate is so much more pure and simple. 

     Hate and love are actually not very far apart.  In fact they are also very similar emotions in their nature.  Both are irrational, and all consuming.  And both are deep and to the core.  When you love you love with all of you and when you hate YOU HATE

     Its funny how closely related two seemingly polar opposite emotions really are.

     The main difference between them, at least for me,  is that hate is a clearer, easier to understand feeling than love.  Or maybe it isn't and just seems to be because hate usually has very clear reasons behind it whereas love is a more mysterious emotion that takes a poet to even come close to explaining in detail. 

     Hate, like love, is also dangerous and can eat you alive from the inside.  Focused inward it can be devastating.  Point it outward and its destructive and always brings its devastation right back upon you. 

     In this way love is its polar opposite because love focused inward heals and focused outward attracts.

     I am not above hate by any means but I do my best to choose love.  Its an uphill fight because hate is very strong and when holding back my emotions I am weak.  

     I do my best though and I'm getting better as I go at keeping Hates cage locked up tight and letting love run wild for awhile.  I get just a little better at it each day.

     I do LOVE me a good hater though because it lets you know your on the right path so when your hater becomes haters keep up the good work and to the haters, let it go.  Or don't.  I don't like to see what it does to you but I gotta tell you it makes me feel great. 

Hate on Haters.


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