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November 23, 2011

Winning! Crazy w/Tiger's Blood...

Beat that meltdown!

     That meltdown was epic.  If I hadn't seen his acting I'd swear it was all staged.  Charlie captured lightning in a bottle full of crazy in front of as many cameras and reporters as he could, that's the definition of  - Winning! 

     Porn star side-kicks, insane gibberish and the raw paranoia of a real winner, he devoured his chicken dinner and thru the power of Tigers Blood made it a true Sheen dinner.  All he knew was - Winning!

     So he lost his job - so what?  Do you think a winner with the blood of a Tiger cares about a terrible sitcom that's cute kid has long gone sour?  Hell no. A delirious winner full of paranoia and tiger's blood cares only about one thing - you guessed it...Banging Porn Stars.

     Crazy rambling idiot turned out to be the role that finally fit this winner.  Sheen put the "C" in crazy and oozed sleaze from every pore yet somehow still glazed it with a layer of charm like only a truly deranged winner could.  

    No winner would worry about 2&1/2 men when given the lunacy and self confidence to achieve true legendary sociopathic paranoid maniac status.  You add in a couple porn stars and now your finally doing it.  Your...  

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