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September 16, 2011

Keys to happiness

       Do you wanna be happy?  I know I do. 
     I haven't pulled it off yet but they say if you can't do you should teach so let me go ahead and drop a little knowledge on the keys to happiness.
     How to achieve happiness in a relationship...Lies. 
     Its really that simple.  Lies are the key to happiness in a relationship.  Well, lies and drugs.
     People say that they want the truth but that in itself is also a lie. 
     No one wants the truth.  The truth hurts.  If you want a happy relationship you have to learn how and when to lie.  Plus like I said when all else fails turn to drugs.
     The key to happiness at work...Drugs. 
     It's either drugs or you've gotta  convince yourself that you love your job which I haven't even been able to do without the drugs so its kind of a circle.  
     People say you should think of how good you have it and how it could always be worse but that always just makes me sad.
     So like I said go with the drugs they have NEVER let me down.
     The key to happiness in public...again the answer is drugs. 
     Either drugs or teach yourself how to like people which I can't seem to do at all without the drugs.
     I'm sensing a theme in this lesson and you might be too.  It seems that maybe drugs are the real key to happiness. 
     I know that when I was young and could still get it I loved to smoke weed.  And the reason is because smoking it ALWAYS made me happy.  To me a joint was like a hug wrapped in sunshine. 
     Today its down to alcohol and nicotine which aren't as good but still effective if used properly and in large amounts.
     So my main point in this lesson would be whatever drug makes you happy do as much of it as it takes to force a smile onto your face because even though it takes more muscles to frown than smile the frown muscles are much stronger than the smiling ones.  
     But drugs make them weak. 
     So be happy and kick your frown square in the ass with lots of your favorite drugs:)

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