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September 4, 2011

My belly shows when I raise my arms...

        I can't find a t-shirt that fits.  All I want is a t-shirt that doesn't expose my belly every time I raise my arms. 
     I see fatter guys than me with shirts that fit.  They're shopping at a big and tall aren't they? 
Well the hell with that I'll just flash my belly.  Because you know what it's growing on me.  Literally and emotionally.  I figure why fight it. 
     Plus it may even be sexy, who knows what girls like.  I'm amazed they like men at all so who's to say my chubby hairy belly wouldn't turn a few heads.  Plus I'm married so who even cares if it does or doesn't?
    So since I won't even go into a big and tall shop, you will NEVER see a "Big Dog's" shirt on me, I'm just stuck flashing belly when I stretch and you know what...I'm OK with that.

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