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September 9, 2011

Sparkling Vampires?!?

       I HATE the Twilight movies. Never read the books but I betcha I'd hate them too.  I hated those movies from the moment I saw Edward sparkle.  I immediately wanted Jacob to tear his head off, rip his heart out, kick it around for a half hour and then finally stake him 15 times.  I hate sparkling Vampires.
     Vampires are supposed to invoke fear into your heart who the hell is afraid of glitter?  Sure he has all the other powers but who cares he frigging sparkles in the sun.  How gay.  Gay as in stupid not homosexual.  Homosexual's aren't as gay as these movies.
     You may be saying, "Shawn, how do you know so much about movies you hate?"...Because I like women and women make you watch stupid stuff all the time.  Case in point Titanic.  Two and a half hours of garbage to watch the damn boat sink. Gay.
     Death to sparkling Vampires!

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