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September 10, 2011


     I'm pretty sure television raised me.  I know it educated me but I think nearly all I am I got from my extended family inside that glowing box.  From Big Bird and Snuffi, to Tom and his nemesis Jerry all the way to George Jefferson and Archie Bunker taught me all I know about life.  I can hear 'Ol Edith Bunker now..."Oh Archie, don't plow it till you prime it." or whatever she used to say. 
     Those were my teachers and role models.  That is pretty damn sad written down in black and white.  Right now I'm watching the cursor flash in amazement but theres no doubt its true.  T.V. raised me.  I am a product of television.
     I loved it too.  My whole televised upbringing.  I still have a very close relationship with television.  I love my pixelated family.  I can still remember Schneider's double entandras he'd spout while "fixing" a sink, Fonzy's superpowers and if Al Bundy hadn't taught me how to properly relax in front of the T.V. I'd probably still be endlessly searching for somewhere to put my hand.
     Thank you Television your warm glowing love may have given me cancer and a large butt but I love ya.

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