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November 5, 2011

Busted Button

Being fat can be hard. 
A lot of embarrassing things can happen to you when your fat. 
I think the most embarrassing one would have to be when the button busts off the front of your pants. 
It's embarrassing when that button goes.
  Especially when all you were doing was sitting there, watching TV. 
You weren't running or climbing a fence. 
You were just sitting there, watching TV, and your pants exploded. 
Those moments are tough because it's at those times that you realize how fat you've become. 
Like, the other day I was heading to the kitchen, and as I passed the bathroom I just happened to glance in the mirror. 
OH MY GOD!  I couldn't believe it. 
I thought some fat guy had broken in and was standing in my bathroom. 
Till I noticed he was wearing my shirt, and carrying my Twinkie. 
I was scared for a second though.  You have to be careful. 
Mirrors are scary when your fat.

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