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November 7, 2011

Let the panties hit the floor!

    Ever since the time that I hit puberty I have had only one main goal in life.  And that goal is very simple.  From the first time my weiner stood up on it's own all I have wanted in this life is to get laid. 

From that point on my main goal and primary mission on this Earth was to get as many girl's out of their panties and into bed with me as I could as often as was humanly possible.   
     I have always loved women.  They really are literally all I ever think about and it's been that way as far back as I can remember.  I was fascinated with the beauty of women way before I ever even knew there was anything else to them besides being adorable and having the strange ability to make butterflies churn in my stomach by simply looking at me and somehow make me feel intoxicated with nothing but a silly little sideways smile. 
     You see it all started out very innocent.  I can even remember my first real crush.  As a child I was in love with Drew Barrymore.  She stole my heart when I first saw her in E.T. and back then I had no idea what sex even was all I knew was Drew was cute as hell and I liked her a whole lot. 
     At first I was satisfied with just kissing girls.  I had stumbled on kissing first and I loved it.  I wanted to kiss them all and was happy with that, until I finally felt my first breast. Then I had to have those as well.  One I felt up my first pair of those I thought I finally had it all.  
    But, my hands knew better and just kept right on groping and exploring greedily looking for more until one day they found it.  And once I finally got my hands inside a girl's panties I knew I'd found my true passion, I was hooked, fkn forget about it.  I knew that I had finally found it.  I knew from that very first touch of my finger of that joyous wonder I had found between that girls legs that I had found the promised land. 
    And from that glorious moment on, Vagina was all I thought about or wanted, and still is to this very day.  I pursued it restlessly all through my life and I would do absolutly anything for even a slim chance of getting myself some.
     And who could even blame me really?  I was in love.  Plus is there anything more beautiful than a naked woman?  And come on, I mean you tell me, what in this life is better than sex?  nothing I have found.  I challenge anyone to name one thing in the whole wide world that's better than a vagina.  
     Vagina's are just so fantastic.  I have found nothing at all in life thats better than being intimate with a woman.  Maybe being with two women at once might top it, but I'm smart enough to know I couldn't handle pleasing two women.  Hell, it took me most of a lifetime to begin to figure out how to handle just one at a time. 
     I imagine that any more than two naked women up close in my bedroom would probably just make my heart immediately sieze up and explode in my chest or at the very least my face would just simply freeze in an eternal mask of joy a huge grin on my face as I stared at them my mouth leaking a steady stream of drool out of one side.
     I simply just love sex.  Girls, let me tell you, what you have down there is absolutely magical.  Magical doesn't really even come close.  To properly describe the Vagina would take a poet.  I just don't posses the vocabulary to do it any justice.  If you've never had Vagina go out right now and try one for yourself.  I promise you will love it.  I very highly recommend it. 
    I can safely say that the Vagina is definitely my personal happy place on this Earth.  Every time that I get inside I'm overwhelmed with pleasure.  Afterwards I am always completly happy and content.  It's great, I love it.  but I am a very intimate person and always have been. 
     Hell, I love every single part of sex.  From the anticipation of it to the foreplay all the way through to orgasm. Every part of it absolutly fantastic, pure, simply amazing.  The whole experiance is just so unbelievably intense, satisfying and simply beautiful that I can't see how anyone wouldn't love it? 
     Sex is my favorite thing in the world and something that has only kept on getting better with time. 
     At first I knew literally NOTHING about what I was doing and was just learning and figuring things out as I went along.  I wasn't a cock master back in those days mearly just a cock apprentice.  I was just practicing as much as I could and slowly getting better every time.  
    Once I had finally figured it out I really thought there was no way it could possibly get better until I found out that it still could.  My sex life now is tremendous.   Better than it's ever been before by far.  Because now I'm in love. 
And when your in love the Vagina somehow gets even better.  Love gives it superpowers or something.  It's unreal how good it gets.  You cannot even compare casual sex with "real loving" sex.  
    Sex with real love behind it is the very best, most purely satisfying sexual experience you can possibly have.  Sex with someone you are truly in love with the other person is unreal.  The connection is hypnotic and beyond intense and the orgasms...OMG, the orgasms.
     Let's just say that sometimes sex is so damn intense that when I finally release it feels as if I exploded into her.  Like if I were to flip her over there would be an 8-inch hole that goes straight through her back and all the way through the mattress to the floor. But it can also be a pure form of loving intimacy so electric and deeply intense it's like your briefly sharing a soul.  In that moment your one.  I never thought or even imagined something so amazing could get not only so much better but morph into something all together different and magical but it obviously can.  And it has only gotten more and more so every day.
     Thank you so very much Lord for taking that rib from Adam and creating your masterpiece of flesh, the Woman, but more than than that thank you for sending me the one woman that makes me whole.  The one who completes me, as Jerry Maguire would say.  The missing piece to my life's puzzle.  The one and only soul truly meant for me.

P.S.  Also thanks for making her so unbelievably sexy on top of all the other things that make her so special and just simply amazing.

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