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October 29, 2011

Bitchin' 'Fro Bro'

     Who doesn't love a good Afro?  I know I do.  Afro's kick all kinds of ass.  I miss Afro's.  Hell, I wish I could grow one. 
     All this luscious masterpiece of hair is missing is an over sized pick comb with a black fist handle sticking out of it.  Well that and another two or three coats of Afro sheen for that lustrous shine and also to help leave that 'Tyrone was Here' stain everywhere that beautiful 'fro goes.
     Rock your 'fro bro'.  Don't you dare let the man tell you no.  Fight the power and wear your cap in the shower!  Rock that beautiful 'fro bro'.  Keep it real G, Black Power!

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