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October 30, 2011

WARNING - Thank You Alert!

     I just want to once again thank every single person that has taken the time to stop by and read my work on this Blog.  You would probably be amazed to find out just how much time I spend on just this one Blog alone but take that guess in your head and times it by 10.  I really do spend endless hours working on posts or just tweaking little things here and there, punching up jokes, and tons of other little things that no one but me probably even notices.    
     Its really a ton of work but that's only because I care so much about it.  This just started as a hobby to burn time but I have really grown to love doing both of these silly Blogs.  I love any form of writing and I especially love to write comedy and try to make people laugh so I knew I'd probably enjoy doing it but this has been so much more fun than I had ever even imagined it would be. 
     I know that may sound really silly to some people but I am addicted to posting and working on my two little Blogs.  There like my babies.  I constantly find myself just tweaking a Blog post or fiddling with the layouts and the content of the pages. 
     I admit it. I'm obsessed.  And I got it bad man. 
     So as the old tally passed yet another milestone I never thought it would I just wanted to send out yet another thank you to all of you guys for spending some of your time reading my silly ramblings all this time and for coming back enough to get this Blog up over 600 views. 
     I still cant believe I even got 10 views much less over 600.  Thanks guys, I'm so glad I found a group of easily amused crazies to share my ramblings and psychosis with.
     Thanks for reading!

     P.S.  Feel free to comment as much as you'd like here.  I openly welcome it.  Any and all feedback would be appreciated if only so I know someone is really out there.  Hell, maybe I'm just talking to myself and that tally on the right side of the page is just a fake.  Could be you know, because for all I know I'm just the Guinea pig in a CIA experiment and that rising tally over there is just the cheese that keeps me doing my little Blogs so I stay safely inside in front of my computer tucked away from society's fragile tiny little minds.
     Seriously though comment away.  And if you happen to see something here you wanna click on you do it.  It's fun to push buttons.  I always click and push everything I can just to see if something happens.  Usually nothing does but one day who knows...
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