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October 30, 2011

Don't start the circle again. Stop the ride cuz I want off.

Well here we go again... 

     This all seems so familiar.  The sense of deja vu is overwhelming.  Are we even sure this is really a new day?  Because I could swear I did this exact same shit yesturday. 
     Someone has got to be running some type of  "Truman Show" type game on me.  That's it isn't it?  No, I know what it is, I'm being Punked right?  Ok, you got me guys so where's Ashton?  Come on out Kutcher you old lady bangin' S.O.B. the jokes over. 
     Ok, well I'm still calling bullshit on all of this shit because this just can't be all that there is.  Is this really all we've come up with?  You know what, don't even answer that because it clearly is. 
     I'm sorry Life, but this "material" of yours is tired and beyond played out far as I can tell your only plan is just to keep serving up the same old shit and calling it new.  Well, I'm done drinking the Kool-Aid so whover is running this show needs to get up off his or her ass and start make some damn changes around here. 
     Anything new to wake up to tomorrow would be awesome.  I even have a great idea, by morning, all the women of the world get a brand new boob.  Go to bed with 2 boobed women and by morning BAM, 3 titties. Hell, change the sky color, anything.  Go out and hire a team of writers and improve reality until it becomes something that I'd actually be curious to wake up and explore each day. 
     All I know is that somebody needs to do anything yesturday because our brains are just going to shut down due to the crushing boredom of living the same day over and over again by different names. 
     Because pretty soon somebody's  gunna push the damn nuke button if only to stop this boring circle from repeating itself even one more fkn time.  I'm fine with stopping this ride and shutting down this whole boring ass show.

Just push the damn button.


BOOM! Over, The End

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