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October 4, 2011

Being crazy isn't a talent

     We have got to stop encouraging this.  What is wrong with us?  Why do we reward such imbacillic behavior?  This man is INSANE, isn't that clear to everyone with the gift of vision?  He has no talents besides being crazy yet we convinced him he did so he'd prance around for our own entertainment.  We have got to stop taking advantage of the mentally challanged no matter how funny it may be to watch their antics. 
     I am not denying that its funny, its hilarious of course,  im just saying thats enough fun.  Let's get these fools the help they need.  They obviously cannot think for themselves and while its entertaining to throw tons of money at them and watch them somehow go bankrupt buying nice new gold teefers and mansions with more rooms than they could ever even see.  They could literally take vacations to new parts of their houses.  Just watch MTV's Cribs for unlimited examples.
     Plus by rewarding these no-talents just to have them entertain us by being their idiotic selves and then watching them spiraling back down into obscurity were not only taking advantage of the mentally ill were also confusing the children.
     So even tough it is truly very funny its wrong.  Lets stop it before it gets any more out of hand.  Stop letting crazy, psychotic people believe they're talented for our own enjoyment.  You'll miss them and so will I but we'll still see them on COPS and those are really their finest moments anyway.

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