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January 19, 2012


     I have always wondered that if when a woman decides that she wants to look like this if she's decided that she doesn't want anymore wiener at all forever or has she just decided that from now on if she wants a Lil wiener she can just go ahead and take it?  Or hell, maybe she thinks she could just go ahead and grow one herself.
     Looking at a woman like this makes me wonder if it's possible for a woman to rape a man.  I know that just looking at this picture has got my wiener so repulsed and scared that he has drawn so far up inside me that I'm almost a woman now myself and while I know for sure that this chick could totally beat my ass I just don't know if even she is strong enough to beat my frightened wiener back out of me much less beat it hard? 
     I really just don't know if my petie would rescue me by rising to the occasion because honestly my wiener has never had to save me before.  I'm always the one saving it. 
     As close as we are I'm really not all that sure I could count on him to step up in a clench.  I'm pretty sure he'd just scrunch and retreat like he is right now leaving me to fend for myself.
     I believe that this chick would just have to beat me to death and wait for the rigor to set in to get any use of my Lil guy.  
     Hell, I'm already pretty damn sure that until this image leaves my head Mr. Happy's gonna be in a prolonged state of soft.  I'm actually kind of afraid he may not ever come back out at all. 
     And honestly who could really blame him?  There's many levels of ugly and I've crossed many of them and my willy has been right there with me but that is just one freakishly gross as well as just downright scary chick.  Her level of gross is immeasurable.  Her ugly is off the charts. 
     There is absolutely nothing attractive about this former woman at all anymore.  She went and wasted a perfectly good vagina.  She ruined every single feminine thing about herself.  I can't even figure out wtf is going on with what I'm assuming used to be breasts under that swimsuit.   
     What has happened here is a disgrace and a crime because she willingly did this.  She put in extensive hard work to turn herself into a weird genderless freak who's only real use to anyone would be to help move a refrigerator. 
     Her only hope would be to just go ahead and strap on a wiener and change teams because I don't think any guy, no matter how desperate or drunk, is ever gonna want any of that or could even get aroused if he was actually drunk enough to consider climbing on this thing. 
     Hell, sex with this freak wouldn't even be safe even if it was possible.  If her privates were to have a muscle spasm mid coitus her vagina would close off with enough force to cut off even the strongest wiener just like that.  It just wouldn't be safe to head into that cave.
     All kidding aside lady, that is just gross.  You should be ashamed. 
     I really just have to know one thing outta sheer curiosity and that is simply WHY?  How could you just render a perfectly good vagina useless?  The power in every useless muscle you destroyed your femininity building can't match half the power of a well used vagina.

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