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September 12, 2011

It says "Juicy" on YOUR butt?

    I like bigger girls.  I feel I need to start by clarifying that.  I have nothing but love for all types of women.  I'm a huge fan of the whole female gender.  Short to tall and thin to large.  I love my girls.
    That being said, if your a big girl put some thought into your clothes.  This goes for my cougars out there too.  know what you can and can't pull off clothing wise.  This seems like a givin but most girls struggle with this.

     For this blog I'm going after the trend of words on the butt of girls pants/shorts...

     If your overweight don't wear sweats or shorts that say "Juicy" on your butt.  Everyone already knows your butt is extra juicy.  Skinny girls gotta tell us they're juicy but for you big girls we already know.  Also where are some of the bigger girls finding Juicy shorts in there size?  Are they making them at home?  I can see a big girl cutting the letters for her shorts out of a parachute and making them thinkin "Now everyone will finally know my butt's not just big but hella Juicy."...
     Now for my Cougars...You just stop it!  You know damn well your butt hasn't been juicy in a quarter century.  It should say Mushy or Saggy or even Easy Grip but not Juicy.
      So what I'm sayin is just know what looks good on you and quit trying to wear stuff you shouldn't .  Every girl can be pretty and sexy but when you force yourself into a trend you don't fit into it's just sad an honestly makes my lil guy retreat like a scared turtle.

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