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September 20, 2011

300 views and climbing...

     The Ol' Comedy Blog just hit 300 views so I thought I'd take a second to thank everyone who has come by to visit and I hope I was able to at least make you smile.   If not hopefully I entertained you in some way although unlike Andy Kaufman I just wanna make people laugh. 
     If I offended you, I'm sorry.  Unless your that demon that likes to hook up with young foreign guys off the Internet, you I meant to offend.  Everyone else, total accident.  Its all just for fun.  But you should know we're only just getting started...
     Anyways thank you guys so much for reading.  I really didn't expect anyone to read this at all it was just something I did for me as an outlet.  But it is such a thrill that people wanna read my dribble and I have had alot of fun putting this out for y'all and will continue to do my best to entertain you.  I hope you keep coming back and  coming back often because I'm always babbling and without you I'm just talking to myself.  Anyway's I love you guys and thanks again for reading this.  I also have a fiction blog I just started called Reading Practice with short stories I wrote.  Theres a link on this blog if you'd like to check it out.  Thanks again.

     P.S.  If your a fan of this blog subscribe or at least click like on the Facebook icon on the right to spread the word.  You can also follow me by E-Mail on the right towards the bottom.  I added my most recent YouTube video from YankeyTV as a special bonus to this thank you...Enjoy!

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