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April 9, 2012

Pimpin's greasy but it ain't easy

     They say it’s hard out there for a Pimp and I can totally see why.  For one, Do you think an outfit like this rocks itself out?  Hell no it doesn’t.  It takes the skill of a true pimp to pull off this ensemble.  
     Some regular joe wouldn't even understand how to properly work a blinged out cane, or know how to carry a pimp cup.  Hell, not even Sir Elton John himself could pull off those bad ass pimp glasses. 
     Pimping is a delicate science.  Just being this fly is a full time job all by itself and that’s only a small part in the art of today’s pimp game.  A mere fraction of what makes a true Mack. 
     Being a pimp is really like having 7 or more jobs all at once. You’ve got marketing, management, talent scouting, Hoe smacking, cash collection, security, and running flawless game, and while doing all of that you better be damn sure your flyer than a jet plane with a sparkling golden grill and more gold accessory's than Mr. T in the eighties. .,

     A pimp has got to sparkle like the sun.  No self respecting Hoe is gonna give her hard earned cash and self respect to a non-fluorescent pimp with tired ass bling.  Everyone needs to know your a pimp on sight.  No one should ever wonder what it is you do.  Whether up close or from 100 yards away your wardrobe needs to scream Pimp.
     And let's not forget the importance of a strong pimp hand.  A strong pimp hand is crucial.  Just try smacking a hoe with a weak limp pimp hand and just see if she gets your money right.
     Bottom line pimping is not easy but it sure is flashy and greasy.  Keep it real pimps and keep your head up.

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