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March 29, 2012

Romance Novels

     Why do women like romance novels?  Is it because chivalry is dead and they are in love with the fantasy of that lost world or that the women who read these books are just dense and so confused by life they prefer living in an alternate reality?  I am pretty sure its the latter.
     I guess it's no crazier than a true fantasy novel but my problem with it is I cant make monsters and elves etc. but girls can make the world the way it is in those books.  Women have the vagina's.  Vagina's are very powerful.  If they cut us off chivalry would be back instantly because we're just doing what they told us to do anyway like always.  We are essentially their slaves.  
     Instead of changing anything though they'd rather read trash novels that overuse the words thrust and glistening.  I'm sorry, but I just don't get it.  I mean in the 30's were trash novels books where women voted, wore slacks and had jobs?
     Come on girls, your so much smarter than us so why are you reading that garbage?  Wait, I think I've got it, those books are porn for women aren't they?  That's got to be it..,

it makes total sense now.  Girls are much smarter than us so of course they would read their porn where as us simpleton men are just satisfied with pretty pictures.  Girls need to use their imaginations and minds to become aroused and then they can store those fantasies to think back on while they let us nasty men have sex with them.
     Well, I say you go girls!  If that's what you need to do to get yourselves through dealing with us you go right ahead.  I would hate for y'all to wise up and switch teams.  Keep your sex books and stay on the wiener team!  God knows we need y'all way more than you need us.

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