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May 5, 2012

The Art of Deception

      Lying isn't only a skill it's also a very fine and delicate art.  If mastered it can open many doors.  But if done clumsily it will quickly slam them all back shut. 
     So if your going to lie make sure to be careful.  Lying is a delicate skill to master.  It's also the successful person's greatest art.  As well as handy for getting out of all the jams us dumbass men find ourselves in.

     My advice to the novice liar..,Practice.  Lie as much as you can to everyone till even your not sure anymore whats true.  Get damn good at it.  Hell better yet get great.  Become a grand champion liar.   So good you can even lie to yourself..,

     Get comfortable lying.  your lies need to come with an ease thats automatic.  Without time to even think you need to be able to lie well.  Because when lying speed is important plus the more thought you put into a lie the less convincing it becomes.  Also stay as far as you can away from details.  The more detailed the lie the more likely it is you'll get caught.  Be as vague as possible.

     Remember the keys when you lie.  Practice, keep it simple, and stay away from details and most importantly lie always.  People may say honesty is the best policy and that they really want the truth but that is all just a great big load of pure -

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