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June 12, 2012

Laughing News Bulletin - Tue, 6/12/2012

     Being poor is awful sources from the streets tell Laughing News in a poll today.  "My family lives on Top Ramen because Costco only thinks I'm worth $8.50 an hour but then on top of that and an even further kick in the crotch they also have seriously unrealistically high expectations for what $8.50 an hour buys them too." Steven Jackson said before adding, "My bosses ride my ass hard all day for that tiny little check.  You wouldn't believe what assholes manage at a Costco at night"
         Mr. Jackson is reportedly making the least he's made in over ten years.  "My wife's pissed", he added saying, "She says I ain't sh*t just cuz I cant afford protein for my family.  She calls me 'Fat Bum' and 'Loser' in front of the kids.  Hell, she won't even have any kind of sex with me neither no more."  Steven then just shook his head before he slowly added, "Its just so damn hard out here on these streets nowadays."
     This reporter would have to agree with Steven but so would anyone who ever laid eyes on the Jackson family.  They were totally poor as sh*t.

     This has been a Laughing News Special Report

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